ICONURL -- URL of small documentation graphic or icon

Generates the full URL of a DocumentGraphics image, which Foswiki renders as an image. The related %ICON{"name"}% generates the full HTML img tag. Specify image name or full filename (see ICON for details on filenames.)


Parameter Description Default
"name" Name of the icon, or pathname to extract an extension from else
default Optional default icon if the primary icon can't be found else


  • %ICONURL% returns https://www.austlii.community/foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/else.png
  • %ICONURL{"arrowbright"}% returns https://www.austlii.community/foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/arrowbright.png
  • %ICONURL{"novel.pdf"}% returns https://www.austlii.community/foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/pdf.png
  • %ICONURL{"notanicon" default="ram"}% returns https://www.austlii.community/foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/ram.png
  • %ICONURL{"/queen/boheme.mp3"}% returns https://www.austlii.community/foswiki/pub/System/DocumentGraphics/mp3.png

ICON, ICONURLPATH, DocumentGraphics

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