internal package Foswiki::Serialise::Embedded

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internal package Foswiki::Serialise::Embedded

This is the on disk format serialiser and deserialise for Foswiki topics legacy .txt format.

WARNING this is only for Foswiki::Meta objects.

ClassMethod new( $class, ) → $cereal

StaticMethod dataEncode( $uncoded ) → $coded

Encode meta-data field values, escaping out selected characters. The encoding is chosen to avoid problems with parsing the attribute values in embedded meta-data, while minimising the number of characters encoded so searches can still work (fairly) sensibly.

The encoding has to be exported because Foswiki (and plugins) use encoded field data in other places e.g. RDiff, mainly as a shorthand for the properly parsed meta object. Some day we may be able to eliminate that....

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