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Author(s): Michael Daum
Version: 3.30

This plugin allows to create a WikiWord on the base of a set of input elements. The value of these are concatenated and the result is normalized to be a valid WikiWord. For example, this can be used to derive a topic name from a free-form topic title text.

Foswiki integration

Add the jqWikiWord to an html input field and specify the source from which to derive the WikiWord using HTML5 meta data:
  source:'selector', /* e.g. '#projectTitle' */
  initial:'initial value', /* e.g. 'Project...' */
  prefix:'string to be prefixed to the wiki word', /* e.g. 'Project' */
  suffix:'string to be appended to the wiki word', /* e.g. 'AUTOINC0' */
  transliterate: true,
  allowedRegex:'characters that are allowed in a wiki word', /* e.g. 'a-zA-Z\\d' */
  forbiddenRegex:'characters that are not allowed in a wiki word' /* e.g. '[^a-zA-Z\\d]' */


New Project



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