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Author(s): Boris Moore
Version: 0.9.90

This plugin adds JsViews functionality to the JsRender plugin. JsViews builds off of standard JsRender templates, but adds two-way declarative data-binding, MVVM, and MVP.

See JQueryRender and for more details.


In the SCRIPT head

var data = [
    "name": "Robert",
    "nickname": "Bob",
    "showNickname": true
    "name": "Susan",
    "nickname": "Sue",
    "showNickname": false

var template = $.templates("#theTmpl");"#result", data);

In the BODY

<div id="result"></div>

<script id="theTmpl" type="text/x-jsrender">
  Edit: <input type="checkbox" data-link="editable"/>
  <em>Name:</em> {^{:name}}
  {^{if showNickname && nickname}}
    (Goes by <em data-link="nickname"></em>)
  {^{if editable}}
      <input data-link="name"/>
      <input data-link="nickname"/>
      Show nickname: <input type="checkbox" data-link="showNickname"/>

See the demo

Pretty cool!

Further reading


JsViews templates are very similar to JsRender templates, but with minor changes to the tag structure.
  • For data-dependent linking, (3) becomes this {^{:name}}
  • Tag attributes can also be data-linked: <button data-link="disabled{:disableButton} title{:theTitle} data-myvalue{:myVal} class{:disableButton ? 'class2' : 'class1'}">
  • If you are data-linking tags, you might be interested in two-way binding: <input data-link="{:name}" /> becomes this <input data-link="{:name:}" />
    • (Actually, the default for <input> elements is two-way binding, so you can just use the shorthand <input data-link="name" />. The more explicit form is only necessary if you want to force it to one-way binding.)
  • You can also use this for contenteditable elements: <span data-link="name" contenteditable="true"></span>
  • As with JsRender, there is support for converters and helpers as well.

Other functionality includes the $.observe() method for assigning callback functions to respond to observable changes, and the $.view() method for retrieving the data slice associated with a particular View object.

(see for lots of details and examples)


1 : /if

2 : /if

3 : :name

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