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FAQ topic templates

This skin template is used to view FAQ questions and answers. It overrides the content portion of the default view template, and removes the normal form display, as the FAQForm data is included in the content.

TIP See SkinTemplates for more information on this topic. The extraneous characters: %{...}% are interpreted as comments when this topic is processed as a template.

Include the default view templates from your current SKIN and COVER paths
Override the content template DEFinition. This normally just contains %TEXT%, but we add some more here to help decorate all the FAQForm topics in the same way.
---+ Question: %FORMFIELD{"TopicSummary"}%
---++ Answer

*Back to:* [[%SYSTEMWEB%.%FORMFIELD{"TopicClassification"}%][%FORMFIELD{"TopicClassification"}%]]
*Related Topics:* %FORMFIELD{"RelatedTopics"}%%TMPL:END%%{
Re-define the form DEFinition to be empty; the contents of the from data have already been displayed above so it wouldn't make much sense to show all that again at the bottom of each FAQForm topic.

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