CyberLaw/AustralianCyberLawMap Web Preferences


  • Set WEBBGCOLOR = #efefef
    • web-specific background color, current color

  • Set SITEMAPLIST = on
    • set to off to hide this web from the SiteMap

    • description what this web is used for

    • if set to on, this web will be exclude web from a global search

Wiki application settings

  • Set WEBFORMS = AttributionForm
    • Comma separated list of forms that can be attached to topics in this web. See DataForms for more information.

  • Set DISPLAYFORM = off

Access control

Users or groups who are allowed to view, change and rename topics in the CyberLaw/AustralianCyberLawMap web. Empty settings are not meaningful. Use * to indicate everyone including the guest users. DENY the WikiGuest user to restrict an action to authenticated (logged-in) users.

Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic: (e.g., AdminGroup)

AustLII Markup



Preference Settings

A preference setting lets you define a simple macro that will be expanded in your output. In addition:
  • preference settings are used by Plugins to control their features,
  • preference settings are used for Access Control.

A preference setting looks like this:

[multiple of 3 spaces] * [space] Set [space] MACRONAME [space] = [space] value


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