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During a Tenancy

Access and Privacy

All tenants have a legal right to privacy and quiet enjoyment of their home. The Access and Privacy factsheet contains information about when a landlord can access the premises, the notice periods and more.


Bond lodgement and refund processes are regulated by the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA). The Bond factsheet talks about the rights and responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord when it comes to bond.

Making a complaint against a real estate agent

For information about this see Making a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent factsheet.

Rental Arrears

The Rental Arrears factsheet provides information about the law in the ACT that deals with what happens if a tenant falls behind in rent.

Rent increases and reductions

The Rent Increases and Reductions factsheet contains information about when a landlord can increase rent and what to do if a tenant wants the landlord to reduce the rent.

Rent increases: is my rent excessive

Rent Increase: Is my Increase Excessive provides tenants information about what to do if they think their rent increase is excessive.


The Repairs factsheet has information about the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenants in case of repairs.

Sale of premises

For information about what happens if you landlord wants to sell the house that you are renting see Sale of Premises factsheet.


Mould can be a problem in ACT during winter season. For frequently asked questions about mould see Mould.

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