Information in this Chapter is sourced from the Tenancy Factsheets developed by the Tenants' Union of ACT Inc. ("Tenants' Union").

Tenants Union of ACT

The Tenants' Union provides legal advice on tenancy and occupancy issues through their Tenants' Advice Service.

They also provide information on renters' rights and responsibilities and conduct free community education and training on renting issues for community groups, workplaces, schools and other groups of interested people.

The Tenants' Union represents renters' interests to a range of organisations - government and non-government at all levels of decision-making and participation, local, national and international.

Finding Somewhere to Live

When you think you are ready to rent a place, there are a few important things that you should consider like:
  • What sort of place suits your needs;
  • What all costs will be involved in renting and if you will be able to afford it with your income;
  • Do you know your rights and responsibilities;
  • Where to look for a place to rent;
  • What to be careful of when you are inspecting a place to rent;
  • What if your application gets rejected;
  • How are you going to make the rent payment, etc.
The Finding Somewhere to Live factsheet developed by Tenants' Union provides helpful information on the above topics and more

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